Hanging up the chillies to dry out.

Sunday 3rd August: The chillies and the bell peppers are shaping up nicely. We have just moved and now have a conservatory, so I’ll be growing more of these over the coming years, hopefully.



our japanese cucumbers are getting bigger! the pollinators are doing their job beautifully.

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Might try these next year!

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Saturday 2nd August: today’s harvest.

Spaghetti Squash!

Rebutia ‘apricot ice’ in flower.

Monday 12th May: Some beautiful skies up at the allotment today.

Monday 5th May: Managed to plant out the Berlotti beans and some salad. The broad beans have been staked in preparation for them becoming laden with beans. I also mulched the strawberries ready for the early summer strawberry harvest.

The allotment is looking beautiful at the moment as it benefits from the long, warm weekend.

Sunday 27th April: Transforming the last of the redcurrants into chutney (redcurrant and red onion chutney), just in time to start thinking about what we’ll do with all this years currants!

Saturday 5th April: Some forced rhubarb and some unforced cabbages waiting to be planted out.